Boston Rambles

Boston Rambles

A Rambler Walks and Talks About the Hub of the Universe

About Me

0802101231I am interested in old roads. I walked the road to Santiago and I walked from Boston to New York on the Boston Post Road and wrote a whole series of articles about it on another website of mine called Walking the Post Road. This series of articles will be about walking closer to home. Rambles about Boston in both senses of the word: rambling as in walking, and rambling as in going on at length about something. Two things I am pretty good at, only I hope that all my “rambles” have a purpose and are not so random as to be meaningless.

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Hi! I’ve been reading your “Walking the Post Road” blog over the past few weeks and it’s fascinating. I’m growing interested in walking from Boston to NYC (likely next year) myself. I’m a 30-year old graduate student recently moved to Boston.


    • Hi Patrick,
      Thanks for your interest in my humble project! Let me know if your interest in walking advances to the planning stage; maybe I can provide some assistance and/or advice. I hope you can wade through to the end of my Post Road entries; I admit they are a bit long but I too found the walk fascinating and tried to stuff as much as I could into the entries without just writing a history of the United States. Perhaps you will find some of the entries in this Boston Rambles project interesting as well, particularly if you are new to Boston. They have two or three different flavors so you can pick and choose which flavor interests you from the tags and categories on the left side of the page. Good luck! Gary


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