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The Red White and Blue Divide

In my previous entry I described an interesting observation about the demographics and voting patterns in Pennsylvania. I noticed that the sum of two numbers, the Percentage of residents with a Bachelor’s Degree age 25+ and the Percentage of Non-White residents, seemed to correlate with the likelihood of voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump…. (read more)

The Forces of Darkness

 Not As Many Friends in Pennsylvania As Clinton Might Have Hoped ‘I have a deep-seated and, hopefully, irrational fear that somehow I am under-estimating the role vitriol, class and racial hostility, basic human stupidity, and cupidity play in elections and that this map might be not generous enough to the forces of darkness, but I… (read more)

The Problem with the Silver Standard

As Election Day approaches all manner of wild and crazy claims are made in a desperate hope to get one group or another to the polls or, as I discussed in previous entries, to entice some voters to stay home. One of the major methods of attack is to cite polls showing one or the… (read more)

Election Prediction

The following maps and accompanying commentary summarize my thinking about Election 2016. This entry is less objective than my usual entries but it has not escaped my attention that this election season has not been one characterized by tolerance and objectivity. Map 1 shows the states which putatively are already decided and states that are… (read more)

Across the Muddy River

The Muddy River at Washington Street in Brookline is unimpressive. Water from Leverett Pond on the south passes through a culvert under the street and drains into a small, almost unnoticeable creek on the north side, to continue to eventually to the Charles River.  And yet, merely by crossing the narrow ‘stream’ below the latest… (read more)